Native iOS UI to native Android UI online and instant porting tool

The fastest way to port all of the native UI elements of your iOS app to native Android

Why MyAppConverter?

We have built MyAppConverter with the vision to make it super easy for mobile developers to port their native application to other platforms. So they can focus on building amazing things and do what they know the best and not waste their time to understand cross-platform languages or how to port their apps

MyAppConverter is an automatic native app code converter, which supports most iOS frameworks, allowing mobile developers to instantly convert any application within our current mapping coverage.

Fully Native

Secure & Trusted

Cost effective

24/7 Support

Semantic conversion

MyAppConverter transformations conserve the intent of the submitted code. The transformed mobile application have the same features and User Interfaces and its code is completely generated in accordance of the target platform development guidances. Thanks to its proven Model Driven technology MyAppConverter uses semantic Analysis based on Graph manipulation over models of the parsed mobile applications.

How it works

1. Submit your full Xcode(Storyboard) project

Submit your application and start the conversion process with just a few clicks from your Control Panel.

2.Wait for the instant porting to take place

Once your project is converted you will get a partially functional & fully editable UI based Android application that you can complete manually to get a full working app. It will still save you loads of time.

3. Download the converted UI Android project

Once downloaded, you can then complete manually to get a full working app. It will still save you loads of time.


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  • Fully UI generated
  • Fast delivery
  • Reduced cost
  • Full support 24/7

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