Porting “Who’s Up” iOS app to Android

About Helgi Haraldsson, “CEO of Who’s Up”, London

Helgi is an entrepreneur with experience in banking & IT consulting. He is also the CEO of Who’s Up, an event management application based in London.

Like most entrepreneurs, he has many great and ground-breaking ideas that he wants to implement and monetize.

From cryptocurrency technologies to social media tools.... Among them is the “Who’s Up” application.

What is “Who’s Up”

“Who's Up” is a social media app for organizing events with your friends, or colleagues. The app helps users find time to play sports or hang out with friends and colleagues:

  • - Discover what others want to do
  • - Build interest before organising any event
  • - Reach out to a wider network of friends

Challenges faced by Helgi

Helgi started by building the iOS and Android apps at the same time. Ultimately, he had to cancel the Android version because it was proving too difficult and too costly to develop the app on both platforms. He, therefore, decided to focus on building the iOS version, and later develop the Android version.
It was critical to Helgi that “Who’s Up” be available on both platforms. “Who’s Up” would not work without being on both iOS and Android platforms. It was quite a high-risk project. For instance, if there is an Android user and the rest of his friends have iPhones, then they wouldn’t have been able to use “Who’s Up”, and the whole group would be cancelled. After making the iOS app, he started looking at developing the Android version.

Outsourcing the iOS app development helped him learn a great deal about managing costs while maintaining product quality and user experience at the highest level.

Using MyAppConverter

Now that “Who’s Up” was up on iOS, Helgi wanted to get the Android version shipped as soon as possible. However, he was not keen on re-living the experience he had had developing the Android and iOS versions simultaneously. He was looking for alterna- tives that could build the Android version of “Who’s Up”, something fast, cost effective and of great quality. He looked into MyAppConverter quite early on; in the days when they were still running their beta version and he made his interest clear. He kept the company in mind, and the MyAppConverter platform kept coming up in search results when he was looking for a similar solution.When MyAppConverter’ product was commercially ready, they re-contacted him and he was then interested in using their platform.

Helgi decided to choose MyAppConverter to port Who’s Up compared to other solutions or providers because the delivered app is fully native, tested and ready to be shipped into the PlayStore. It was also 50% cheaper than the competitor and had 3 times faster delivery times.

Helgi’s Experience using MyAppConverter

“Communication with MyAppConverter was excellent & highly professional”. Helgi was delighted by MyAppConverter’ fantastic attitude when taking on the challenges and issues of the porting process. The team communicated a 6-week delivery time. When development took longer than expected they continued to work with him at no extra cost. Constant feedback and communication during the porting process made him confident that MyAppConverter would definitely deliver the promised end product.