Meet the team behind MyAppConverter

John Pluthero

John has been previously Founder of Freeserve, CEO of Energis and CEO and Chairman of Cable & Wireless Worldwide.

Kamal Youbi

Kamal graduated from ENSIAS Morocco as a Network and Telecommunication Engineer, he spent 3 years in Europe were he worked for France Telecom as an IT consultant.

In 2003, Kamal founded RightShore technology and created E-Riad, the first Multi-Platform Application Generator in Morocco. He also led a team of 30 software engineers who delivered successfully IT projects for French companies such as Orange, Manpower, SystemU and Les Mousquetaires.

In 2005, Netfective acquired RightShore and Kamal became VP in charge of its R&D division. Under his leadership, Kamal drove the R&D program to many successful achievements such as the Bluage Factory, the Modernization Suite and Cloud Modernization Services.

In 2012, Kamal founded Greenfields Development, a Software Editor and Consulting Company that provides tools and services to enterprises wanting to industrialize software development.

Karim El Mazouni

Karim holds a Telecommunication Engineering degree from Ecole Mohammadia, Morocco and Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications, Paris - France.

Karim has held senior global operational and business positions in Schlumberger, AtosOrigin, Wipro and Logica.

He co-founded Advaltis with Jaoued prior to co-founding MyAppConverter.

Jaoued Ahmed

After graduating from UTC Engineering School, France, Jaoued spent 4 years in Québec working in R&D at Hydro-Québec. In 1994, he joined the Materials Department at Oxford University to study for a PhD researching on metal fatigue, dislocations, physics and cracks. He also holds an Executive MBA from INSEAD.

Jaoued has held various senior global operations and commercial positions in British Telecom, O2, Cable & Wireless, Celerant Consulting, Argopolo Capital Partners and Logica. Jaoued sits on the board of the British Chamber of Commerce in Casablanca.